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August 29 2014, 02:12 PM

I’m the Doctor. I’ve lived for over 2,000 years and not all of them were good. I’ve made many mistakes, and it’s about time that I did something about that.

August 28 2014, 04:24 PM

August 28 2014, 02:12 PM

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August 27 2014, 08:48 PM

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Do you ever look in the mirror andthink, “I’ve seen that face before”?

August 27 2014, 06:36 PM

"Why this one? Why did I choose this face? It’s like I’m trying to tell myself something. Like I’m trying to make a point. But what is so important that I can’t just tell myself what I’m thinking?”

August 27 2014, 02:12 PM

August 26 2014, 08:48 PM

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Fun fact: tennant forgot his line in this scene and said this instead


If this is true, this scene just got ten times more awesome.

(Use of “ten” unavoidable)

August 26 2014, 04:24 PM


RTD Era Meme: One Companion

Donna Noble

August 26 2014, 02:12 PM

August 25 2014, 08:48 PM